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Our aim

People-oriented, honesty To provide employees with an ideal platform for self-achievement, the user as our pursuit.

Our mission

In order to promote green environmental protection, maintain ecological balance, and promote sustainable development of human beings, provide the necessary chemical functional additives.

Our entrepreneurial spirit

Be brave, take the lead, and pursue excellence.

Our vision

Become the most professional supplier of chemical functional additives.

Our business philosophy

Survive by quality, develop by technology.

Our service concept

Adhere to and advocate the specific needs of customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and become partners in customer growth.

Our core values


Honest and trustworthy, true not bullying, stressing credit; honest management, not deceiving customers, products are authentic and credible; words and beliefs, words and deeds, honesty and honesty; objective and truthful reasoning, no complaints, no complaints, dissemination positive energy;


Dedicated to work, dedicated, dedicated, responsible, tireless; loyal to the common cause, identify common ideals, and voluntarily work hard, dedication and sacrifice.


We will work together to solve the problems and achieve common goals. We will work together to cope with the changes and challenges in the domestic and international markets and jointly face any difficulties encountered in development;

Drill Down

Keep improving, study hard, and have the spirit of craftsmanship; study every detail with care and effort, not let go of every flaw; strive to overcome every technical difficulty, and constantly develop products with stable stability and high cost performance to meet the growing customer demand.


Adhere to the needs of customers and continue to innovate around customer needs. Use innovative thinking and creative work. Continuous development of new technologies and new formulations; continuous improvement of product structure, performance and process to create greater profits for customers.


Human resource management concepts based on value creation, value assessment and value distribution. Employees are unique in their own positions, creating value for enterprises and customers, and becoming the most valuable employees of enterprises; providing good mechanisms and challenging jobs for employees to realize self-worth and achieve the future and become a society and country. And the value of citizens who contribute to the people.

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