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Guangzhou Miqi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2011, Guangzhou MIQI Chemical Co., Ltd. is a technologically innovative company specializing in the research, production, sales and service of chemical additives and metalworking fluid additives. It is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and technical solutions. 

The company has a well-equipped central laboratory and a team of technicians with many years of experience in additive synthesis and application, enabling us to work from additive synthesis to metalworking fluid formulation research to on-site applications to meet industry customers' products and services. Different needs of the aspect.

Since its establishment, MIQI has always regarded innovation as the eternal driving force for the company's development. It boldly innovates in products, creates with courage, fully expands the company's living space, creates and maintains the core competitiveness of the company, and advances toward the goal of the industry leader.

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